The Trouble With Box Sets

Although many deplore the lack of quality on our terrestrial screens when it comes to drama, comedy or serials, there are some gems. I’ve been watching Fleabag avidly. The writing is fantastic and it crackles with originality. The new season of Line of Duty has just started and already I can’t wait for the next episode!

Yes I could binge watch both series but that would deny me the pleasure of the anticipation of the forthcoming programmes. I would miss the speculating with friends of mine – what do you think will happen next? Who killed her? Do you think THAT would really happen?

The trouble with box sets is that they kill off this happy conversation. The waiting, the wanting to know but then dreading the what will happen or dreading the end of another episode (leaving fewer left in the series to run). You are literally glued to the set (yes I watch the old-fashioned way) and cannot, CANNOT press the pause button to run to the bathroom or get a cup of tea. That will have to wait. No, you are glued until it is over.

This is the ultimate test of good television. You are left with definitely wanting more and speculating what will happen next. Don’t let the box set ruin that.