Earlier this week I watched a preview of the documentary, RBG. It was a film about Ruth Bayer Ginsberg, currently a supreme court judge in the States. An extraordinary woman. She’s known for her work in supporting the rights of women.

Diminutive and softly spoken, the film depicts her upbringing, her life at university and her career. We learn all of this from her friends, her colleagues, her children and her grand daughter. However, I found the film concentrated more on her career and I learned little about Ruth herself.

I felt disappointed.

It may well be because Ruth was dedicated to her work that there was little else to discover, however, I would have liked to have heard more from her. Her emotions at fighting the first case, how she coped when her husband was ill with cancer, bringing up a toddler and attending university at the same time or her thoughts on her own work. How did she cope with her mother’s death? Was she ever scared? Is she enjoying the attention she is getting now, particularly from the younger generation? I felt this was missing.

But this doesn’t take away from what the film shows, the making of Ruth Bayer Ginsberg and what she stood for.