I Don’t Recognize These Women

This week I’ve been flicking through various channels and noticed on one a film called The Huntsman – an updated fairy tale of Snow White. After ten minutes of watching I switched it off. It was amusing, I loved the visuals and the special fx. So why did I switch off?

Simple. I did NOT recognise the woman on the screen. Snow White. This is suppose to be an updated version. So why is Snow White portrayed as person who had to be surrounded by men and is totally defenceless on her own, incapable of holding a weapon. I mean, pleeeeeeeease. How many years has it been since we’ve had Charlie’s Angels (the original version)? Or Wonderwoman? Or Det. Jane Tennison from Prime Suspect? Characters who are equal to their male counterparts?

Has there been a collective amnesia when the writers think about their characters? No questions asked by the producers or directors?

This matters because it influences a generation watching these type of films and creates a culture where being a woman is seen as being not equal to men. Film makers need to be aware that they are responsible for helping to develop this culture.

We need to re-build on the tradition of having strong female characters. Women who speak their mind and are independent. Look at the success of Fleabag!

Writers, wherever you are, please take note.